At First Baptist we are committed to Christian education and spiritual development through classes, small groups, and fellowship. We encourage you to deepen your life of discipleship by becoming a part of one or more of these special groups.

Sunday School

Sunday School classes meet at 9:45 on Sunday mornings between the 8:30 and 11:00 AM worship services. Adult Sunday School classes are listed below. You can find out more about our offerings for Preschool, Schoolage and Youth at their respective pages.

Discipleship Class

This class meets on the second floor of the Children’s Education Building (CEB). This class is primarily a couple’s class, with ages ranging from 30’s-50’s and parents of preschoolers to young adults, but all adults are welcome. Most of the studies are discussion oriented and facilitator driven. The emphasis is on life application and the material is chosen by class interests.

Home Builder’s Class

This class is a mixed couples and singles class. All ages are welcome. The class meets at 9:50am on Sunday mornings in a classroom off of the Lower Auditorium in the lower level of the Sanctuary building. Each fifth Sunday they celebrate their ‘Fifth Sunday Fellowship’ by having brunch in the classroom. They have one teacher (with substitutes) and use Smyth & Helwys Formations literature. The lesson material is presented through a combination of class discussion and lecture.

Friendship Class

This class is an adult group, with members ranging in age from 30’s to 80+. All adults are welcome. They meet on the lower level of the Sanctuary building and all are welcome. There are four teachers who serve on a rotating basis. The class presently utilizes Smyth & Helwys Formations Literature.

Philia Class

This class welcomes women of all ages, however consists primarily of those 50 and older. The members are involved in numerous church and community outreach ministries. Class is structured with four rotating teachers. Lesson material is published by Smyth & Helwys Formations Literature. The class begins at 9:45am in the room located directly across from the new narthex.

E.T. Clark Men’s Bible Class

The class is made up of men of all ages. The class meets at 9:45am in the Men’s Bible Classroom behind the Sanctuary. The class includes hymn singing, prayer, scripture and a lesson. The lesson is taught by four teachers on alternating Sundays throughout the month. The literature used is from Smyth & Helwys. The class motto is: ‘Help Us That We May Grow in Grace and in the Knowledge of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ’.

The Word Class

A small group for studying and learning to apply God’s Word and discover His purposes. We encourage full participation in a discussion format, biblical fellowship, and sharing of prayer concerns. For college-aged adults through seniors, this class meets in a classroom off of the Lower Auditorium in the lower level of the Sanctuary building (across from the Home Builder’s classroom) on Sundays at 9:45 am. Facilitated by John and Jan Habeck. No previous Bible knowledge is necessary.